Bachelor’s Of Science In Psychology Online

If you have ever desired to pursue a degree in psychology, there has never been a better time than now to do it. With so many schools offering affordable online psychology degrees, what it means is that you can keep your full time job or commitment while pursuing your psychology education endeavours.

For those considering entering the mental health sector, enrolling for an online bachelor of psychology degree is an important step. This guide will share a list of curated online bachelor’s of science in Psychology degree programs.

The guide will also explore the following: overview of online education, structure of a bachelor of science in psychology program, accreditation and credibility, career opportunities with a bachelor of science in psychology, admission requirements and application process, technology requirements for online learning as well as student success strategies.

List of Bachelor’s Of Science In Psychology Online Degree Programs

Drexel University Online Bachelor’s Degree In Psychology Review

Drexel University


Overall Student Retention Rate: 87% (Full Time Students) 65% Part Time StudentsOverall Graduation Rate: 78%

Institutional Accreditation: YesInstitutional Accreditor: Middle States Commission on Higher EducationProgram Accreditation: American Psychological Association, Commission on Accreditation

Discipline: Psychology

Scholarships: Yes

Overall Rating: 7.7

Study Mode: Online

Level: BachelorsPace: Full TimeTuition: $459 Per Credit

Number of Modules: About 20 (varies)Duration: 2 YearsLanguage: English

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BSc in Bachelor in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (BSc) – IU International University of Applied Sciences Review

IU International University of Applied Sciences


Overall Student Retention Rate: 86%Overall Graduation Rate: Unknown (94% of their graduates secure employment within six months of graduation)

Institutional Accreditation: YesInstitutional Accreditor: German Accreditation CouncilProgram Accreditation: System Accreditation

Discipline: Psychology

Scholarships: Yes

Overall Rating: 8.6

Study Mode: Online

Level: BachelorsPace: Full TimeTuition: Full Cost: Full time: 20,988€, Part Time: 23,472€, Part Time II 27,000 €

Number of Modules: 31Duration: 2 YearsLanguage: English

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Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Advantages of taking the Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology online include flexibility for working professionals. Online learning affords working individuals the ability to balance work and school seamlessly and conveniently.

Online education breaks down the geographical barriers and eliminates the need to travel. This makes the online Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology degree program more inclusive and accessible.

A Few Potential Challenges to Note

There are some challenges associated with eLearning, such as a lack of in-personal interaction that can lead to a sense of a lack of community.

There can also be challenges related to a lack of self-discipline and time management skills on the part of the online student.

This is why you need to exercise due diligence in your choice of the best Bachelor’s of Science In Psychology Online program.

Due diligence will enable you to identify a legitimate and credible institution and program that comes with all the support mechanisms you need to succeed.

You can pursue your psychology degree with various schools that offer an online bachelor’s degree in psychology.

A standard bachelor’s degree can run through at least two (2) to four (4) years of full time commitment.

There are some schools that give students options to take up accelerated psychology degree packages and with such options, you can finish the degree in less time.

Structure of a Bachelor of Science in Psychology Program

What to Expect in a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology Curriculum

A psychology degree covers various majors and education courses spanning introductory, intermediate as well as advanced modules in sociology, psychology as well as other social sciences disciplines and subdisciplines.

Depending on the institution you are studying with, the degree can encompass courses as well as projects that focus on research, data collection as well as analysis.

In some cases the course covers clinical practice theories that are packaged to prepare you as the student for graduate work or entry level positions in the clinical environments.

The core of the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program curriculum is the foundational framework for conceptual framing of this program.

It includes key courses that provide a fundamental grasp of psychological principles and methodologies including introduction to psychology, Statistics and research methods. This may vary but these are the main cores.

Major Courses of an online psychology bachelor’s degree

There are three major courses you should typically expect to cover in your distance psychology bachelor degree program. The courses include development psychology.

Introduction to Psychology

This is foundational exploration into the discipline of psychology and its key concepts related to understanding human behaviour.

This module covers the essential fundamental concepts, theories, and historical perspectives in psychology.

The purpose of the introductory module is to establish a broad understanding of the diverse domains within psychology.

Research Methods in Psychology

This subject is aimed at equipping students with essential research skills and methodologies. The module studies various research designs, data collection techniques, and ethical considerations.

This is an important module for inculcating empirical understanding of psychology studies and critical thinking in the minds of psychology students.

Statistics in Psychology

This subject introduces statistical methods in the discipline. Statistical methods are crucial for data analysis in psychological research.

The subjects covered mainly include descriptive and inferential statistics, probability, and hypothesis testing. The deliverable of the subject is to develop the quantitative skills and competencies necessary for interpreting and conducting research.

A Note on Statistics

As an online bachelor of psychology degree student, you should expect to do some number crunching. A strong background in statistics is an added advantage for those who want to enter a graduate school of psychology as well as those that seek to pursue a research focused career in fields such as advertising or marketing.

Development Psychology

This thrust entails an introductory module in development which focuses on the process of psychological as well as emotional development.

The course also covers cultural, environmental and societal factors as well as how these influence the course of development.

The Physiology of Psychology

The third and last main component of a standard psychology bachelor’s degree is Physiology of Psychology. This course covers subjects on the human brain and the anatomy of the human brain.

The course also covers the physical process of the human brain. The premise of the course is that for students to fully understand human behavior, they must have a solid grasp of the physiological processes behind moods and certain experiences as well as behaviors.

If you have post first degree endeavors in the discipline of psychology, this is a must-have-course as it is required in many graduate programs in psychology.

The same applies for those who want to pursue careers in disciplines such as mental health and psychiatry.

If you have dreams to pursue graduate programs in psychology, the physiology of psychology course is an important step in that academic path for those aiming at pursuing programs in mental health and psychiatry.

The degree also entails some courses/modules in sociology, psychology, data collection, research and statistical analysis.

As a prospective online psychology degree taker you should expect to go through some clinical practice courses that are packaged to prepare you for graduate work or entry level jobs in the clinical environs.

Just note that these courses are named or titled differently across different institutions – however objectives are by and large the same.

Specialization and Elective Courses

Beyond the core subjects of the curriculum, and depending on the institution you study with – an online bachelor’s degree in psychology will cover specialization and elective courses that go deeper into career-specific areas of interest.

Abnormal Psychology

This subject deals with atypical (or subnormal) patterns of behaviour, psychological disorders, and their treatment.

The course provides insights into the complexities and multifaceted world of mental health – positioning the role of psychologists in diagnosis and intervention.

The course would typically examine the socio-cultural implications and contemporary perspectives on abnormal behaviour.

Social Psychology

Social psychology investigates the impact social interactions have on individual behaviour and cognition.

The subject deals with social influence, group dynamics, and interpersonal relationships. It also analyses how societal factors shape psychological processes and influence behaviour.

Cognitive Psychology

Again, depending on where you do your degree, cognitive psychology is an important aspect of the psychology discipline. The subject focuses on mental processes such as perception, memory, and problem-solving.

It also explores cognitive functions, information processing, and the study of consciousness while examining applications in areas like learning, decision-making, and cognitive neuroscience.

Best Practices of Choosing an Online Psychology Degree School

Accreditation and Credibility

Accreditation, although optional, has become the default hallmark of credibility. The online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is no exception.

Importance of Accreditation for Online Programs

Accreditation has become a crucial mark of legitimacy and quality, both for the degree program and the institution. Accreditation signifies that the institution and the degree meet the standards and benchmarks in the aspects of curriculum, faculty, and student support.

With regards to online psychology programs, accreditation ensures that the education provided is aligned with a number of rigorous requirements gazetted by different and relevant standards and accrediting bodies.

Accreditation is therefore an important way of assuring the credibility of the program as well as the institution offering it, and instilling confidence in the students, employers, and other institutions.

Recognized Accrediting Bodies for Psychology Programs

Take note, accreditation takes place on two levels: the program itself must be accredited, and the university (institution) must be accredited.

There are various accrediting bodies depending on the location of the institution you are considering for your degree program.

Here are few accrediting bodies.

American Psychological Association (APA)

The APA is renowned for accrediting doctoral programs in professional psychology.

The body also ensures that programs are designed and packaged such that they meet rigorous standards and requirements in areas such as faculty qualifications, student support, and curriculum.

Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

HLC is a regional accreditor that evaluates and accredits degree-granting institutions in a multi-state region. HLC also provides a comprehensive assessment framework for institutions’ overall quality and efficiency.

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)

NCATE mainly focuses on issuing accreditation to programs that prepare educators, including those in the field of educational psychology.

Ensuring the Credibility of Online Institutions

To do your due diligence in assessing the credibility of the institution you want to study with and credibility on online bachelor’s degree in psychology, you will need to assess faculty credentials offering the program.

A good faculty must be driven by professionals who have strong and credible qualifications and expertise. The faculty must also have a strong and relevant academic and professional background.

Also explore the institution’s and faculty support instruments for students. Evaluate the availability and efficiency of student support services such as academic counselling and advising as well as career guidance.

Also, spend some time checking out reviews and testimonials from current and former students. Nothing beats getting facts and insights from those on the ground.

Also, because you are considering taking up an online program, the infrastructure of e-learning becomes a huge factor. Check if the online learning systems are user-friendly and technologically sound.

You will need a fully functional technological infrastructure and support to enjoy a seamless online learning experience.

Accreditation has become a tacit yardstick for separating credible schools from the “not-so-credible schools”.

As much as accreditation is not compulsory for schools, going for accredited schools gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are pursuing your education with a credible and legitimate institution.

An Accredited Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Gives you an Edge in the Job Market .
Having an accredited degree also gives you an edge in the job market. If you pursue your psychology degree with a little known and non-accredited institution, your prospective employers will have to take time verifying your qualifications and this can thwart your efforts of landing the job of your dreams.

What are the Career Opportunities for an Online Bachelor of Science Psychology Degree?

A Bachelor of Science in Psychology can be an entry point into a number of widely diverse career opportunities. Career opportunities range from entry-level positions to the potential for advanced education and specialization.

The degree can open doors for you in various fields such as mental health and many other career environs in the corporate world.

As a holder of an online psychology degree you are eligible to take up various entry point jobs in the mental health and corporate sectors.

Taking up a support based mental health position is also one of the great ways of getting into the psychology based career domains.

Entry-Level Positions

With a successfully completed Bachelor’s in Psychology, you will be well-equipped for various entry-level positions in the real world.

Entry level career domains will afford you practical experience in applying theoretical and empirical knowledge and skills acquired through the program. Some of the entry level positions include:

Human Resources Assistant

In this career you will play a crucial role in supporting HR functions. You will be responsible for recruitment, onboarding, and employee relations.

The job scope spans various functions in which the grasp of human behaviour gained from a psychology degree becomes invaluable in managing workplace dynamics.

Case Manager

In this work domain you would be working with individuals to coordinate and manage their healthcare or social needs.

The knowledge you amassed through the program will be helpful in understanding, scoping and addressing the unique needs of individuals in diverse situations.

Research Assistant

The degree may also land you a research assistant position. In this context you will be working towards the development and execution of research projects.

Skills acquired in the research methods and statistics will become directly applicable to roles and functions that involve data collection, analysis as well as interpretation.

Potential for Further Education and Specialization

If you want to further your education and advance your career goals and prospects, a Bachelor’s in Psychology is a solid foundation in your journey to specialise in specific areas of psychology.

Master’s in Psychology

With this bachelor’s degree you can proceed to complete your Master’s program and deepen your knowledge in the discipline while also enhancing your career prospects.

Some of the areas of specialisation you can consider are: clinical psychology, counselling psychology, or industrial-organizational psychology. These offer focused paths for career advancement.

Doctoral Programs and Career Paths

If you are the ambitious type, you should consider doctoral programs, such as a Ph.D. or Psy.D. in Psychology.

Doctoral programs open doors in areas where advanced research competencies are required. These also open opportunities in areas such as teaching, and specialized roles in clinical or counselling psychology.

With more and more research showing that initial scepticism on the quality of online degrees have waned over the years, opportunities are galore for online psychology degree holders.

An online bachelor’s degree in psychology can expose you to quite a wide span of career opportunities.

Holders of this degree can also get into human and social services. With a degree in psychology you can serve as a psychiatric technician, career counselor or case worker.

In the business or corporate world, a psychology degree is a key qualification in career domains such as marketing, human resources and sales.

Just like in any industry, you need to position and brand yourself as an excelling psychology graduate.

The best way to do this is to excel in all your courses and modules and ensure that you complete your degree with flying colors. Completing the degree with good scores ensures that you stand out from the rest.

How much do psychology degree holders earn?

This is a pertinent question. The bottom line with almost every education endeavor is to land a career job that is duly rewarding. Psychology has broad real world applications and as such Career expectations and income projections vary across the spectrum.

Medium Salaries for Different Bsc in Psychology Degree Holders

PositionMedian Salary (2017)
Career and Technical Education Teacher$55,240
Child Care Worker$22,290
Human Resource Manager$110,120
Market Researcher$63,230
Medical and Health Service Manager$98,350
Probation Officer / Correctional Treatment Specialist$51,410
Psychiatric Technician$29,330
Research / Laboratory Assistant$46,000
Sales Manager$121,060
Social and Community Service Manager$64,100
Social Worker$47,980

Source: BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook and ONet

Please note that these figures represent median (average) salaries. Actual individual earnings may vary based on a number of factors such as experience, location, and specific industry, etc.

The key in any career is to explore all options and evaluate the possible outcomes against your dreams, preferences and life circumstances.

You also need to check the specific inclination of each online psychology degree so that you know where the degree will take you when you have completed it.

Each university has a way of channeling their courses in a particular way such that a psychology degree from one institution is not symmetrically similar to the same degree from another institution.

Admission Requirements and Application Process

The first step towards studying the online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is to secure admission.

This involves understanding and fulfilling set prerequisites and completing the application process. The process also involves presenting a compelling personal statement.

Common Prerequisites for Online Psychology Programs

Common prerequisites necessary for admission to online psychology programs include the following.

Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate

This can be your A-Levels or IB Diploma, or any equivalent of these depending on where you did your pre-tertiary education. The document must be accompanied by a transcript of records.

Your pre-tertiary education (high school education in most cases) must include subjects that demonstrate a foundational understanding of relevant subjects.

Commonly required subjects to study psychology are English, Mathematics, sciences, social sciences, psychology (if available). Some universities may require foreign language competence.

Depending on your unique circumstances, additional documents may be required.

English Language Skills

Again depending on your background and language competencies, as well as the institution you seek to study with, proof of English proficiency may be required at the B2 level of the Common European Framework.

In this case, accepted language (English) proficiency certificates include TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo English Test, or Cambridge Certificate.

Writing a Personal Statement of Interest

Also pay attention to crafting a compelling personal statement that underscores your motivation for pursuing this program.

Your statement must outline why and how such a program aligns with your personal and career goals.

Your personal statement must also showcase any relevant academic or professional footprint you have related to psychology.

In your statement, also assert how the program resonates with your personal development and future aspirations. Craft the statement in such a way that demonstrates your English language competence as well.

Do your due diligence to adhere to the application requirements meticulously. This will enhance your prospects of getting admitted into an online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program.

Technology Requirements for Online Learning

To do well in online education you need proper technological resources.

Computer and Software Specifications: You will need a computer that meets the online education technical requirements of the program.

You also need to ensure that the computer (desktop or laptop) supports necessary software applications for coursework and all computer based activities.

Internet Connection Recommendations: You will also need a stable, high-speed internet connection.

This is crucial for participating in live class sessions, streaming lectures, and downloading course materials without disruptions.

Support Services Provided by Online Institutions: Well established online institutions offer support services.

These include technical support helplines as well as tutorials designed to equip online students to avoid and overcome technological challenges.

Part of your due diligence in choosing the best Bachelor’s of Science In Psychology Online is to identify an institution and program that offers all the support you need to have a smooth online learning experience.


To wrap up , pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology online is the gateway to advancing your personal and career dream in a flexible and accessible fashion.

This degree program boasts a comprehensive and diverse curriculum and tailored learning. The online format affords students the opportunity to balance education with other important life commitments.

eFundi presents comprehensive insights on online education opportunities and much need career guidance.

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