Are Online Computer Science Degrees Worth It?

There is no denying that we live in a highly information-driven world.  Everything that powers the modern world has some computing behind it.

The demands, challenges and opportunities that exist in the modern life and business landscapes have created a growing demand for degreed IT personnel with at least a Bachelor of Science in Computers Degree.

Are Online Computer Science Degrees Worth it?

Absolutely. In this post we are sharing the benefits of earning a computer science degree.

Computer science degree holders earn huge salaries. One of the main reasons why people pursue education is so that they can get a solid foundation for their preferred career line. The primary reason why people get jobs is to earn an income and occupy their lives with something productive.

The computing and information technology sectors, where computer science degree holders are employed, is one of the highly rewarding industries, in terms of salaries paid out to computer science degree holders.

Benefits of Online Computer Science Degrees

1.Computer Science Degrees Pay well

Form a salary point of view online computer science degrees are worth it.

But how much do specialists in computer science make? According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),  computer scientists make an average yearly salary of $131,490, with the lowest 10 percent of earners making $74,210 and the highest 10 percent making $208,000.

According  to the National Association of College and Employers (NACE),  employees with bachelor’s degree in computer science  average a yearly salary of $63 000.

2. Opportunities in Computer Science

Computer Science degree holders have many job opportunities

With the spawning of the information and communication sectors, IT personnel, especially computer science degree holders are in high demand. 

According to NACE, about 56 percent of computer science degree holders who applied for jobs were successful in their job prospecting.

This means that if you hold a bachelor of science in computer science degree your chances of getting employment are very high. Employment probabilities in other sectors pale in comparison.

According to the figures published by NACE, the computing sector has the highest application-offer rate.

3.Computing Related Sectors Are Growing At A Rapid Rate

Figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Career Guide to Industries show that the computers related sectors make up one the fastest growing industries.  What the foregoing implies is that if you are a computer specialist your chances of getting exposed to more job prospects are very high.

The phenomenon of outsourcing has affected the employment rate in computer related sectors since the 1990s but these sectors still come up as some of the fastest growing industries in the world.

What your need to set your eyes on as a potential computing graduate is that the software publishing industry is on growth path. Take note that software publishing is one of the core focuses of the computer science degree. 

Employment rate is expected to shoot to 30 percent over the coming years and computer science degree holders will be exposed to more career opportunities.

With several institutions offering computer science degrees online, now is the time to align yourself for greater career opportunities. A bachelor degree in computer science will be your formidable entry point into this lucrative sector.

Take note that computing is a brain intensive field and requires committed individuals to master the theory and the practice of computing.  Computing is also a fascinating and hands-on discipline and if you love technology your can invest your passion into earning a truly rewarding computer science degree.

Why you Should Enroll for a Online Computer Science Degree Today

There has never been a better time to kick start your education thrust in the computing field.  ELearning has broken down the barriers to easy, affordable and convenient learning. Now you can keep your job and still pursue a lucrative computer science degree with any of the credible and reputable computing schools online.

There are many benefits of earing a computer science degree.  The computer related industries and sectors are on an exponential growth path as this means that these sectors need to employ more and more computer specialists and experts. This means that if you pursue a computer science degree you are guaranteed of lucrative job in any computer related sector.

Also, every industry requires someone with computer knowledge even if it’s in the mining or in the navy environs. We live in a computer powered society and this opens up great opportunities for holders of the coveted bachelor in computer science degree.

The other major benefit of earing a computer science degree is that the computing sector is one the industries with the highest remuneration rates.  Computer science degree holders earn generally more than many degree holders in other fields and disciplines.

Enrolling for a computer degree will enable you to catch on in this lucrative industry without abandoning your full time job or any other full time commitment. If you interested in pursuing a post grad degree in computer science University of Oregon offers a B.S. computer science degree online.

The degree is offered by the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and delivered online through OSU Campus. If you have a bachelor’s degree in any other qualification the computer science degree offered by Oregon University will give a powerful edge in the job market or in the career domain where you already are. 

With Oregon University you can choose to go with the one year degree duration option or if you prefer, you can go for the two year or three year degree duration options. 

You need to evaluate these options against your life circumstances and determine which options would suit you in the long term. The degree program is a post baccalaureate program so as a student you will only complete courses for computer science.

This means that will have good time to focus and specialize in computer science core curriculum rather than widening your scope with other elective courses. There are more reasons to consider this course.

One of the main reasons is that the classes of the course are developed by OSU’s well established faculty which has earned worldwide recognition for its incisive research thrust, expertise and motivation. Oregon State University carries a weighty accreditation from Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

The online version of the degree carries the same weight and value as the computer science degree obtained onsite. Here is the good news for you, the degree can be done by anyone from around the world who has an internet connection. There you have it. There is absolutely no excuse for not enrolling for this course if you are seeking a solid post grad computer science degree.

Get a Computer Science Degree Online

Research figures show that computer related sectors are growing exponentially, further spawning employment opportunities for computing specialists.  There has never been a better time for you to enrol for a computer science degree.

The growth of this sector has brought about amazing possibilities in modern life such as ecommerce, eLearning, social networking, etc. If you have a full time commitment, it could be a job, or some other full time engagement, you can feasibly get a computer science degree online.

What are the benefits of doing your computer science degree online?

A) Cost Effective

 The object of eLearning is to enable easy access to education. What goes with this is cutting out the costs and limitations that come with onsite education. This results in cost effective education models where students can access education remotely.

If you opt for an online computer science degree you can save a lot of money.  A standard computer science degree costs anywhere between $7 000 to over $40 000 per year depending on the institution you choose to study with.

University of Hertfordshire offers a BSC (HONS) Computer Science/ Information Technology Degree for a total of £12,000 per year.  If you are interested in the Computer Science MSc you can complete this degree for an unbelievable £6,000 total tuition fees with the same entity.

If you want to explore a comprehensive list of institutions that offer online computer science degrees that are worth It you can explore this resource:

Best Affordable Online Degrees

B) Convenience

Pursuing an online computer science degree means you do not have to quit your job.  If you have had financial limitations hindering your quest to obtain a computer science degree then eLearning is the best solution for your circumstances.

ELearning means that you can keep your job and in fact, use it to raise tuition fees for your online computer science degree.

If you study with globally recognized computer science schools you will have a significant edge in the job market.

C) Go the Accredited Route

The best way to do this is to go for accredited schools that offer computing science degrees online. Other than just giving you an edge in the job market there are many benefits of getting a computer science degree with an accredited institution.

Let’s say you are studying with one university and for some reason you need to shift and complete your Bachelor of Science degree in computing with another university, you can easily transfer your credits seamlessly if you have been studying with an accredited university.

Studying with an accredited institution also gives you the assurance that you are studying with a credible institution that will give you a degree that holds true value in the job market as well as in computing career environs. 

Take time to explore many degrees options so that you can settle for a computer science degree that matches the bigger picture of you career goals. 

Institutions have a way of channeling their degrees in a particular direction that is why you need to ensure you made the right choice so that you can land the job you want or proceed with the post grad qualification you want to pursue after you complete your computer science first degree.

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